Premeditated Fraud

A deal was a deal. I had accepted it under duress, but it seemed like the easiest way and the end justifies the means – usually…

            She owed me the money. She admitted it, in writing, but she wanted to insure that I would show up and sign the papers. If I didn’t sign she didn’t get the one thing she dreamed of obtaining most. And she would lose both money and her dream.

            It was a stalemate. If I didn’t agree to sign she wouldn’t send any money.

            So I accepted – as I said, under duress.

            She’d send me half now and give me the other half at the signing.

            I knew that she was trying to insure that I’d show up and that I’d sign.

            She sent me the first half and the check cleared and so I waited until the appointed day for both the signing and receiving the second half of the payment.

            The day arrived – I showed up at the location and I signed the papers – her dream was coming true. As I was about to leave she handed me a check for the second half of what she owed.

            On the way home I deposited her check in my bank and waited for it to clear.

            Everything seemed fine and the full amount was credited to my account. Then, a few days later, it hit the fan – a notice from my bank that her check had bounced.

            I went to my bank to get a copy of her cancelled check and find out why. My bank gave me the copy, but couldn’t state why her check bounced. They advised going to her bank for the answer.

            “She stopped payment,” I was told. “It was stopped the same day it was issued.”

            It didn’t take much thought to realize what her plan had been all along. She was determined to get what she wanted by any means.

            She felt that part of obtaining her dream included me paying for part of it – obviously I had no intention of paying anything since this wasn’t my dream. She wanted to deduct what she thought was fair and when I’d refused she put her plan into play – fool me into to coming and signing by pretending that she’d pay the component she felt was my share.

            As I said, the day arrived, we all arrived, I signed and I went on my way with a check that had already had a Stop Payment attached to it.

            When the police read the emails stating that she’d pay the full amount and offering the original deal and then the follow-up email stating that she’d send me a check for the amount minus the amount of my component which she “thought was fair” – SHE thought was fair – they immediately agreed – deliberate, PREMEDITATED FRAUD!

The End



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