The Parking Space

This is a true story that happened at the TD Bank at the northeast corner of Linton Boulevard and Military Trail in Delray Beach, Florida.

            My wife and I were driving into the small parking area directly outside the bank entrance, following another car that slowly inched its way into a parking space, leaving only one other empty space available. I pulled our car into the room remaining because the previous car was now parked over the divider line on my left and the car to my right was parked on the divider line.

            A man of about seventy to seventy-five got out of the car on my left just before I squeezed out of our car in the same sequence as we’d parked. He remained oblivious to my struggle and began walking toward the bank.

            “It would be nice if you parked in your own space,” I said.

            He stopped. “I can’t see very well,” the man replied, as if that were the only excuse necessary.

            “Then maybe you shouldn’t be driving if you can’t see very well.”

            “That’s not your problem,” he answered.

            “It is, because I’m the one who’s suffering.”

            “You’re not suffering!” he responded as if I were the one who was crazy. “You shouldn’t be talking to me,” he added as he continued into the bank.

            I finished my business in the bank, squeezed back into our car and recounted the dialogue to my wife. We agreed that, sooner or later, if he can’t see very well he’s going to kill someone.

            Why, I ask, is he driving if he can’t see well enough to even pull into a parking space correctly?

            That’s obviously a rhetorical question because the answer is self-evident – Florida driver.

            Stay safe, if you can.

The End


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