A Chocoholic’s Credo

Valentine’s Day to a chocoholic isn’t just a holiday celebrating love and romance, but rather a symbol of the extreme joy of the wondrous state of euphoria one can obtain through the ingestion of oodles and oodles of chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is a day when diving in and luxuriating in mounds of dark chocolate is not only expected, it’s mandatory and with no guilt attached.

Valentine’s Day is a day when the whole world feels like it’s covered in chocolate like a banana split covered in hot fudge and whipped cream with a cherry atop the very apex of the Mt. Everest of white fluff. A day when swimming in liquid milk chocolate would be looked upon as a glorious experience to be partaken of with all of the joy of tasting that strawberry, fresh from dipping in chocolate fondue, dripping chocolate as it passes through the air on its way from the fondue pot to the mouth.

Valentine’s Day is the singular day in the course of the year when all life stops for the inhaling of the essence of life, leaning back in comfy clothes, soft, warm and cuddly, and tantalizing the taste-buds with the smooth, creamy flavor of chocolate as it caresses the tongue in ecstasy.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my love and to the chocoholics everywhere.

The End



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