The Laugh Quotient

When they married they devised a contract. Nothing formal and nothing even close to relating to anything like a pre-nuptial agreement. Theirs was a private, personal contract filled with only those things that were important to them.

Nothing written down and the entire document consisted only of fine print.

It included such items in its various clauses as the sufficient number of times he was to tell her that he loved her. Also, similarly, the number of times she was to be told that she was beautiful.

These were easy tasks to fulfill.

Of course, there was also the number of kisses which must be exchanged and when they were to be exchanged, such as when passing each other as they proceeded from place to place in their apartment. And, absolutely, when either of them left the apartment to do such momentous tasks as walk their dog – both on the departure and return.

There was one, final, clause, also in fine print, which was always easy to fulfill – the laugh quotient. It simply stated that as much laughter as possible would be consistent with the essence of the contract whether written or implied and therefore any breach of the laugh quotient would require supplemental kisses and a renewed effort to fulfill not only the laugh quotient for the particular day in which the breach occurred, but extending beyond that day and overlapping into subsequent days.

Both parties happily sealed their bargain with as many kisses, hugs and laughs as they could accomplish.

Having agreed and sealed their bargain appropriately the couple lived happily ever after.

The End


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