The Turning Point

After the third round he was certain. She’d suggested a fourth, but he saw no point. She was clearly the winner and another round would only reinforce that certainty. Besides it had become simply a competition and seemed that the goal had changed – now it was obvious that she was determined to prove her point.

            What had started out as a silly bet had turned into an international war of the roses and she was obviously red, at least it seemed that she was out for blood – his.

            They’d always gotten along so well. Their friendship began five years ago when they were both in seventh grade. The friendship had never gone beyond just that, friendship, and there had never been any competitiveness between them, even as they proceeded through the science curriculum and they both headed toward college in a quest to discover the cure for some disease that would change the world.

            Research science was always such a companionable goal. Sharing a work table in the lab and studying together was so easy, so perfect.

            He certainly had no foreboding that, after five years of friendship, if only a scholastic relationship, a simple suggestion of what he thought would be fun, and a chance to use his newly acquired driver’s license, would turn into an historic event.

            Now he was certain of a new twist in their relationship – he knew things would never be the same again.

            Was this really what his friend of five years was all about, but had hidden so well?

            They finished round three. And since he didn’t want a fourth, clearly triumphant, she suggested they go home.

            He agreed.

            He’d never suspected that tonight would be such a turning point in his life – he thought they were simply going to play miniature golf.

The End


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