The Tasting

Farley Winthrop held his breath. He wasn’t sure if he’d like the cheese his wife offered him and, from experience, he was unsure about the aroma of new cheeses – often the aroma belied the flavor. There were cheeses that he thought smelled horrific yet tasted wonderful. On the other hand the reverse sometimes happened.

This time he wasn’t taking any chances.

She seemed so enthusiastic when they were in the store and now came the moment of truth – she held out a piece, came toward him as he opened his mouth for her to place it on his tongue.

“Well?” she asked.

Farley carefully chewed, allowing the smoky taste to linger. Did he like it, he thought?

“With a glass of red wine and some green grapes,” she commented.

“I can see that,” he answered, but still hadn’t responded about whether he liked the cheese or not, partially because he hadn’t decided and partially because he wasn’t sure if his wife would be upset if he didn’t like it. “Yes, with a glass of red wine and some green grapes…”

She offered him another piece.

“It will make a wonderful snack on those petite toasts,” he said evasively.

“We always have good snacks,” she answered.

She’d withdrawn the second piece of cheese and had eaten it herself without further comment, but Farley suspected she was disappointed and he felt bad about that since he never liked to disappoint his wife.

“I’ll have another piece please,” he added. This time he didn’t hold his breath nor did he roll it on his tongue, but simply chewed and swallowed.

“That’s very good” he said. “Let’s have a glass of wine with it.”

She smiled and went to get the wine and two glasses.

The End


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