Genius On Vacation

I won! I’m a genius!

The joy was clearly audible and visible in every fiber of her being. Nancy had gotten only one peg left which, the description on the game board stated – You’re Genius.

Admittedly not easy to do.

The Cracker Barrel Old Store game had been sitting on the table for months without being touched. Then Nancy picked it up and got hooked. She’d played repeatedly, leaving four pegs each time and then three and then, regularly, two or three. But the elusive Genius one-peg remained elusive.

Now determination set in. Each night she played ten to fifteen games with the same results. And then it happened. Nancy removed peg after peg as she jumped one with the other. As she continued a grouping formed and she could see a pattern. Now she proceeded slowly, carefully thinking through each move before making it.

One by one the pegs disappeared before, finally, there was only the one peg remaining, the one that proclaimed – You’re Genius.

After that it was all downhill. The repetition of two to three pegs remaining and the elusive one peg still elusive.

Nancy’s conclusion was that, while she remained a genius, perhaps her genius was simply on vacation.

The End


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