The List

Phillip sat at his desk. He’d just completed an inventory of the day, what he’d accomplished and what remained to be done. It hadn’t been a long list, but each item had taken a significant amount of time. He was glad the done portion was complete and that there weren’t too many items remaining to do. Now he leaned back in his chair and surveyed the room. He liked this room. He felt comfortable in it.

His eyes were tired both from getting up early and the concentrated effort. He considered a lie-down, not so much because of his need for sleep, or even rest, but to ease his eyes.

On second thought, he realized, if he stopped now he probably would never go back to the list, he knew himself well enough to know that he’d simply write the remaining items on tomorrow’s page and he’d find ways to procrastinate through the remainder of the day.

He’d read, watch television (he was a huge watcher as well as reader of mysteries) or simply go back and forth to his desk, checking his email or other follow-ups that he regularly checked, but the To Do list would remain untouched.

Phillip was not a procrastinator, however, in what would normally be considered a negative sense. He always got a lot done, but it was the simple things that always seemed to be put on the back burner in favor of doing something new.

In the end, Phillip decided that if he didn’t finish the list, at least once, he’d never complete it. Only four things, he thought, but each of them involved multiple steps and a variety of other things that he simply didn’t feel like doing so, as much as his mind told him to do them Phillip simply lacked the willpower to force his body to obey his commands and he allowed himself to slip into the miasma of prevarication.

Phillip sat at his desk. He completed another inventory of the list, put it aside and opened his computer to check his email.

The End


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