Heather passed the teapot across the table. She and Jane had been talking for the past hour and this was their second pot of tea plus both had decided to share the dessert rack. The pastries were wonderful and they’d eaten, one would almost say devoured, the entire rack in an inordinately short time and now they wondered if they should order anything else.

The two friends hadn’t seen each other in years and it was only through a chance encounter via Facebook that they reconnected at all. Heather had accidentally seen one of Jane’s posts of her poetry and contacted Jane.

Now the two women were enjoying reliving some of their fun days together at high school and how their lives had gone and changed during the intervening years. It was a good time and both hoped that they could do it again often now that they were living close to each other.

Jane called to the waitress and asked for the menu again. Acting more like girls than the women they’d become, they scoured the menu for something else to order. They laughed about a similar situation forty years earlier when they’d been part of a large group of high school thespians after the school play that both of them had been in, actually that was how they met, who had gone to the local diner after the show and the two of them had drifted to a separate table to talk. Forty years later they were talking as if there had been no intervening years and they seemed to be picking up a conversation started then and concluded now.

Their second round of food and second pot of tea finished, it was decided that they should be getting home. It had been a wonderful afternoon and, after exchanging further information for contacting each other, they agreed to repeat the date a week later.

As they got in their respective cars both had only one thought – they were glad they reconnected.

“See you next week,” Jane said through her car window.

Heather waved back, started her car and they both drove away toward home.

The End


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