A Good Day

The rain had finally stopped. At seven a.m. the sun was already shining and trying to eradicate the water left by the night’s storm.

It had been extraordinary. They didn’t remember cracks of thunder like that in a very long time; it shook their apartment. Even their dog, normally oblivious to thunder and the like, jumped at each bang. At one point it seemed as if the lightening had actually hit their apartment building – unlikely even under the circumstances, but it felt like it.

They laughed as she told their dog not to worry about the thunder – it’s just God moving around some furniture, she’d said. He’d never heard that one before, but it seemed so appropriate at the time.

But today the sun was shining; the temperature pleasant and their dog was stretched out, basking in the sun. It already felt like it was going to be a good day.

The End




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