Tired of Chasing Rainbows

Letting go
Yet holding fast
Dreams a reality
Covered with dust
Yesterday’s tomorrows
A golden calf
Longing for diversion
In an empty paragraph

Farther down the road
The hyperbole of fate
Nothing to lose
In the chances we take

Holding on to daydreams
In the nexus of time
Fondling eternity
With an extension wand

Tired of chasing rainbows
Through the looking glass within
A hexagram remembered
A character remembered
With a double chin
All the cards on the table
Arranged in careful rows
Extending and expanding
Like a fine suit of clothes

After all the sorrows
The joy
A new refrain
A single written moment
To gather new momentum
In the harbinger of fame

Long live the peaceful moment
Beware they last like dew
Forever ever after
Remains an endless hue
Of colors pink and gray now
A travesty of fate
Impaled on good intentions
That rattle from behind

And longing for hereafter
In a bottle filled with gin
Extolls a simple meaning
Of time held in proximity
To the hologram of light
That refreshes the soul forever
Giving grace to single entries
In the sketch-book of hope

Farwell to empty shadows
As time alone stands still
Farewell to chasing rainbows
The piper pays the bill

Glory and redemption
Go hand in hand
Time to move on forward
Time to understand




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