Ten Sentences

The fragile peace that had been established between the two siblings remained unbroken for two weeks as each pursued their projects, but only lasted until the presentation at the science fair when the younger sibling won first prize and the older second.

He watched as she prepared their dinner and marveled at her dexterity in the kitchen as well as her ability to create a feast in minutes without blinking an eye, without stress and with the aplomb of a surgeon who knows that they can save lives and cure diseases.

He was always happy when he was working on something, and whether it was one project or another mattered less than the specifics of the project, but working in tandem with his wife was his ultimate happiness and, today, they were beginning a new phase and a new project together.

He watched the rain as it washed away the snow and felt an emptiness for the earth that transcends reality.

His dog slept peacefully at his feet as he worked, creating an atmosphere of calm that ignited creativity.

She struggled with the game, repeatedly getting two, three or four pegs remaining as she jumped one with the other; the goal was to leave only one peg so she’d get – You’re Genius; and then it happened, not once, but times two – You’re Genius.

The biting cold of winter seemed a metaphor for his loss of faith in the future.

Their relationship had been long and good and they’d been through a myriad number of projects together, but a simple division of ideas had caused a rift that seemed irreparable and their friendship had ended abruptly like broken peanut shells scattered on a bar room floor.

They worked together and ate together and slept together and together they built a life based on mutual love and understanding and they knew that the components of their life and love would transcend time and last a lifetime.

He watched as the wind and the pelting of the rain turned the day, which was supposed to be special, into a day better spent in bed.

The End



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