Only Love That It Once Knew

The human heart
As fragile as crystal stemware
And if one’s very lucky
It gets a single chance
For one great love
To treasure for a lifetime
That’s more than usually given
And the human heart forever
Fills to overflow

If fate steps in
To take away the loved one
There’s nothing left
To fill the void behind
A walking corpse
With a heart that’s simply beating
Forcing blood through a body no longer alive

But against all odds
A billion to one encounter
A second great love
Rejuvenates the soul
Bringing new hope to the soul no longer breathing
And bursting forth
A second heart demands
To grow inside and fill the void created
To open and let in a second great love it holds

But if time descends
And takes away a lifetime
The second heart
Breaks like crystal stemware cast aside
The second human heart
That bore a new beginning
By loving the new great love
Filled with hope until it died
No longer beats
No longer sees forever
No longer hears the laughter
No longer feels the joy
It knew the love would bring

Forever is forever
Without love not worth living
The human heart
One or even two
Can no longer hope or daydream
Its breath no longer matters
The human heart forsaken
Dies and walks the earth in a shell
Of empty cells misshapen
By broken hearted mem’ries
Now nothing ever matters
Only love that it once knew


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