In Pursuit of Happiness

Life changes whether we want it to or not
Happiness remains elusive
Often based on circumstances beyond our control
Perfection may never be possible
But close is good
Not just good enough
And when you get there
Sometimes it’s pulled out from under your feet
Sharing and caring seemed so close
And time ahead seemed so real
But demons of the past can devour the present
With unknown powers trapped within
Negating the future
And yet uncertainty prevails
The past rises
Intertwining itself like octopus tentacles
Wrapping around future happiness
And dragging it back to the depths
The darkness of the deep
Caverns of stalactites
Clinging to the ceiling
Clawing to break free
Grasping at happiness and yet afraid
Afraid of the unknown outside the cave
Where light transforms the depths into sunshine
And hope and happiness is the new reality


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