Shadows of Mountains

Shadows of mountains
parade over valleys within.
Streams resemble arteries,
sustaining life,
as trout evading anglers
reveal cascading thoughts
of life and death
that society proclaims
meaningless in movies:
Hollywood’s refrain.

Cheaper by the dozen.
A cartoon fantasy
where bodies once dismembered
return in the next scene.

Children believing pictures;
a thousand words forgotten.

Time standing still
in a bas-relief of life
carved in plaster panels,
a faux façade
over doorways;
an entry in a fun house
at an arcade.

Paragons of virtue.
Derision enforced
with narcissistic selfies
taken on the precipice of mountains
at the edge of a cliff
overhanging the valley.
A swan-dive into the unknown.
A bungie-cord off a highway
or the bridge over the River Kwai.
The new reality forsaken
in a technological haze.

Passage through the looking glass;
Mushrooms in a bottle;
revealing the future of society
to those indoctrinated
and inculcated,
yet reduced to texting hyperbole
as syntax disappears
and the lexicon dismembers.
Devout believers in the new world order.
Refrains of disenchantment;
by groups of devotes
of the hyper-sensitive
who perceive only their own vision
in a world of their own making.

Questions never-ending.
A virtual canvass of destiny
held in a moment of tranquility,
yet unable to sustain.


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