If It Sticks… – Fewer Than 500 – 12/8/19

If It Sticks

December 8, 2019 – Few Than 500

By Bruce Levine

What to submit and where to submit it? Two questions that haunt me daily. Which journals publish pieces most closely like which piece?

Does every writer go through this dilemma or am I the only one?

And if I’m not the only one then why can’t I figure out where to send the things I write like everyone else?

But if I am the only one, then why isn’t there a system for knowing where to submit?

The quandary seems to be taking on more layers and dimensions than the original problem and now I seem to be getting more stuck analyzing than submitting.

Maybe I should write, throw it all into the wind and hope that some of it sticks somewhere.

Okay – now I’m back to the old spaghetti theory – throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks… Or is that the theory about throwing it on the ceiling and if it sticks then it’s done cooking?

Either way, if I throw things all over the place I suspect I’ll end up with a messy apartment and nothing will be accomplished.

Not a propitious beginning to the day.

Maybe I should take a nap and think about it tomorrow.

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