Picture Perfect Personification

A trapezoid floating
A rhomboid winking its eye
Parallelograms creating highways
And magicians asking why

In search of a four-leaf clover
Under a cotton candy sky
A rhinoceros trading places
With an elephant passing by

A rhombus or a rhomboid
Whichever you may choose
Equilateral objects forming
Shapes you can’t refuse

A ground hog of any eater
Picture post cards piled high
A bathtub filled with ice cream
Hippopotamuses don’t lie

Himalayan mountains
Rising tall they occupy
The vastness of a daydream
As a circle will signify

Forever is forever
In a quantum theory pie
And love will shine forever
On a field of butterfly

A primrose principality
Filled with rose buds that codify
Sea side empty spaces
No longer occupy

The legend of tomorrow
As a Queen must verify
In timeless permutations
Happy endings you can’t deny


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